Building the Future of Governance Models

Connecting institutional investors globally with governance opportunities.

For institutions

Institutions like hedge funds, prop firms, and alternative asset managers join us at Traders guild to coordinate strategies on chain with defi protocols.

For defi protocols

Safeguard vs hostile governance takeovers, proposals passed by whales or actors in their favor. Recently IMF pointed out concerns on staking centralization. A consortium is needed to avoid hostile governance propositions and protocol takeovers.

For borrowers

Institutional investors like hedge funds, family offices, and alternative asset managers are accessing Traders guild to enhance returns and diversify various forms of risk.


Who we are

Traders Guild is a group of institutions and Defi protocols pursuing shared objectives.

Trader Guild is a community for institutions and defi protocols seeking to build strategies, and protocols together.

What we do

Build, and deploy strategies together to create and support new emerging markets, Defi primitives, RWA projects.

Protect Protocols from hostile takeovers or adversarial proposals and voting.

Potentially safeguard the community through a federated network of reversible transactions.

What can Traders Guild do?

This new Consortium was made to self-regulated behavior among protocols and institutions acting adversarially against one another. The aim of this guild is to verify projects and hopefully mitigate rug scenarios.


Protocols composed on primitives may fork the primitives to mitigate fees, with no arbiter in place they can just get away with ethically questionable behavior.

Reversible transactions

The Federated Guild would allow reversals only if approved by a decentralized quorum of judges within Traders Guild.

Aggregated penalties

By controlling size, members of the network can take over the protocols of bad actors and accounts associated with them.

Coordinated strategies

On Emerging markets , market microstructure, the pursuit, and exploration of Nash equilibrium strategies.

Governance protection

Inspired by Index Coop’s Governance House, Institutions can be rewarded for maintaining the will of the community in each protocol.

Liquidity and product market fit

As a founder access a group of institutions where you can help guild members establish protocols on multiple chains, or close the product/market fitness for your own protocol.

Our strategic partners


Join us

Information, deal flow, first access. Join a curated group of institutions from sovereign wealth funds & hedge funds as they coordinate and explore opportunities on-chain.